Historical Men FIFA Ranking [april 2019] - EN

I just updated the Shiny app which allows you visualize the historical Men FIFA ranking, this time including last data officially published (april 2019). Enjoy it! Top 10 Men FIFA Ranking: Rank Team 1 Belgium 2 France 3 Brazil 4 England 5 Croatia 6 Uruguay 7 Portugal 8 Switzerland 9 Spain 10 Denmark App: »

Predictions for the Soccer World Cup Russia 2018 - EN

I couldn’t resist doing some data analysis for this new Soccer World Cup in Russia 2018. After searching online for a while and collecting some data I decided to focus on creating a prediction model for “expected goals for each team and each game”, allowing the estimation of probability to win, lose or draw. This way we can predict all games of the tournament. Now all details about the considered data, model fitting and results are presented. »